Listen to Iron Maiden baby, with me.

Coppola has watched me inhale carbs by the bucket every night for the past week. This is mainly bc I forget to eat during the day and bc I inadvertently avoided carbs for so long. So when I play-eat him (meaning, I make sounds like I’m munching on him) he now yelps and squirms away from me. Hmm. so that’s what’s new in my life, how about yours?

All right. I quit a job and I moved into the cutest little place in one of my favorite neighborhoods and I’m really excited. I keep pausing and going, “God? Hi…. God? Okay, good. Hi. Hi. GOD. Oh, phew. Ok, no just checking that You’re there.”

Often times when things have gone the way I thought I wanted, I often found out that it was not what God wanted. But then I remember I didn’t want to quit my part-time job or leave my free spacious place to live. I didn’t. But I did anyway bc it is clear that when I want what I want more than what God wants — it’s gotta go. So, I let it go.

What came in to replace the financial stress and emotional burden of giving up a job has been nothing short of a deep joy and contentment in all the blessings that have come my way that I had NOTHING to do with.

There is no way I could’ve manipulated, lied, cheated, or otherwise forced things to work out the way that God has aligned them.

ALSO — I had a HUGGEEEE epiphany about why I haven’t been able to finish writing my book. I was driving on the freeway, telling God I’m so sorry I didn’t keep my promise to have that damn thing finished. I just don’t know why it’s been so difficult but I promise that I do intend to finish. And I also couldn’t figure out how all these good things kept happening anyway… and then it hit me.

And it humbled me.

And now I know.

So. I’m gonna let it go.

All I did was praise. All I did was worship. All I did was bow down. All I did was stay still. ~ Defender, Rita Springer

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